About Us


I’m Miki Jo Resto (Coach Mj), creator of Imagine Your Health. I’ve been professionally coaching people through change and transformation for 20 years. I work with health-minded and high-impact leaders and entrepreneurs who are on a personal quest to blaze their own trail through life.

We live in exciting times! I watch leading-edge sciences connect psychology, epi-genetics and transformation in amazing new ways. I’ve coupled my experience with modalities that understand these sciences. For instance, I’ve earned an accreditation as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, which is the first science-based program for health coaching. I’m also a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, (NBC-HWC) the only certification supported by the Medical Examiners Board. These are the new and highest standard for Health Coaching. (See more qualifications)

After such a long career coaching people to transform their career, business and life why turn my attention to health?

Health and Well-being are too often overlooked on the road to success.

Health is a resource. Creating new levels of health changes your life, your business and your relationships. It’s the foundation for growth, momentum, sustained focus, and long-term professional and personal success.

My education was in marketing and communications. Since college, I’ve spent my life learning about whole-systems thinking, positive psychology (TED Talk), holistic healing and transformation. With this eclectic background, I’ve forged three pathways throughout my career: business owner, corporate leader and transformational coach.

I’ve come full circle now. I know that the things we learn and do to transform our life and business can literally change how our genes express health or disease. I have a passion for guiding my fellow trail blazers through practices and experiences that help you access your unseen power through your mind, body and spirit. If you’d like to learn more about me, find more at www.CoachwithMJ.com.

MJ looks at the whole person and I really like that. I went to an integrated nutrition course myself and we work on that too. It’s a major part of Imagine Your Health. MJ has really studied that. We’re working on full integration of my whole body and my whole self.

– Christina


Science shows that every person, and their mind-body system, is singularly unique. The science of epigenetics demonstrates that we are not bound to any specific outcome of our genetic code or DNA blueprint. Throughout the journey of life, we literally create our own destiny and outcomes consciously or unconsciously. (Epigenetics, simply put, is the scientific research of how our mind-body responds to our thoughts, what we eat and our surrounding environment.)

We realize our potential in health and life not only through elevating self-awareness but also by increasing present moment awareness, breaking through limited beliefs, expanding perspective and emotions, creating new thought patterns and long-term habits. Put this all together and it’s known as “transformation”.

Some of the leading-edge sciences that help to explain change and transformation are epigenetics, molecular biology, neuro-cardiology and quantum physics. There are more. Positive Psychology, Personalized Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Medicine and Sports Psychology research into peak flow and performance all put this science into practice. This is all heady stuff.

What does Imagine Your Health do?
We make transformation practical for you.

Our program is easily accessible and customizable for you. It’s not one size fits all. With our help - should you choose to do so - you can curate a personal experience tailored to your current needs. Imagine that you’ll emerge a stronger you whatever your desire, vision or goal. I hope you feel enticed to check out our program.


“How to Stay True to You and Achieve More than You Thought Possible”