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Are you on a personal quest to blaze your own trail through life, manifest your dreams and transform your health?

I’m Miki Jo Resto (Coach MJ), creator of Imagine Your Health. I’ve been professionally coaching people like you through change and transformation for 20+ years. From this experience, I’ve developed a unique coaching approach for health-minded and high-impact leaders and entrepreneurs.

Health and Well-being are too often overlooked on the road to success.

Health is a resource. Imagine your health is a dynamic relationship with your state-of-being, from moment to moment.

At Imagine Your Health, we believe that growing this dynamic relationship of health and well-being changes your life, your business and your relationships. It’s the foundation for growth, momentum, sustained focus, and long-term professional and personal success.

Our unique approach results in healthy and sustainable flow and drastically increases effectiveness in all areas of health, business and life. Our clients claim radical well-being. All IYH Coaches and our programs offer this original and incredibly effective approach.

Imagine Your Health looks at the whole person and I really like that. I went to an integrated nutrition course myself and we work on that too. It’s a major part of Imagine Your Health. MJ has really studied that. We’re working on full integration of my whole body and my whole self.

– Christina

What does Imagine Your Health do?
We make transformation practical for you.

Our online program is personalized for you. One size does not fit all. You curate a personal experience tailored to your immediate needs and circumstances. Imagine that you’ll emerge a stronger you whatever your desire, vision or goal. Please check out our Masterclass program.


The science of epigenetics* demonstrates that you are singularly unique. No one is unequivocally bound to a specific outcome of genetic code or DNA blueprint. Throughout the journey of life, we co-create our own destiny and outcomes consciously or unconsciously. Literally, this is as true for your health and well-being, as it is for your career. (*Epigenetics, simply put, is the science of how our mind-body-brain responds to our thoughts, what we eat and our surrounding environment.)

Epigenetics (and many other sciences) shows that the things we do day-to-day for our business and life causes how our genes express health or disease. Guiding you through your personal adventure for discovering new and better ways to access your unseen power for manifesting your dreams while creating new levels of health and well-being, well that’s our passion and expertise.

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“How to Stay True to You and Achieve More than You Thought Possible”