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Miki Jo Resto - Imagine Your Health Coach

Miki Jo Resto, NBC-HWC and FMCHC

Seasoned Professional with a Blended Background

I’m Miki Jo Resto (Coach MJ), the founder of Imagine Your Health and creator of our unique coaching approach. I believe your career and life can be energy gaining and health building.

In 1998 I went through my first program to become a professional transformation coach. It was then, I found a deep passion for helping people become who they most want to be and live their best life. To that end I blend substantial leadership and entrepreneurial business experience with leading-edge transformation techniques and health coaching. As I’ve coached and trained thousands of people, I’ve developed a unique and highly effective approach that supports our clients to achieve their dreams – in life, health and business.

As a leader, I love innovating new approaches and finding strategic solutions to opportunities and challenges. I believe in holistic and systems-based solutions, and I personally practice the principles and practices I share with our community.


Business Expertise

My career began in marketing, communications and business which helped me recognize my love for building new ventures from the ground up. Over my 25-year career, I have discovered that I’m even more passionate about serving people. Thus, came an inspiration to focus my marketing and business acumen with my passion for people into the talent management industry.

In business, my expertise focuses on developing people as individuals and teams. As a consultant, I specialize in:

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Business development & key relationships
  • Recruitment, hiring & talent management
  • Strategic transformation
  • Culture & employer branding

I have comprehensive experience in coaching leaders through creative problem solving and transitioning environments, including start-up, high growth, and mergers & acquisitions.


Transformative Health Coaching

Through all of this I’ve gained the experience to understand the vast opportunities and challenges of business and life and how they affect long-term health and our ability to enjoy the life we’ve built.

Today, leading-edge sciences connect positive psychology, epigenetics and transformation in amazing new ways. I’ve had the opportunity to blend my experience with modalities that understand these sciences. For example, I hold certifications for the highest standards of science-based Health Coaching.

I focus on helping people develop a life of purpose and achievement with the health that contributes to meaning, satisfaction and joy.

Together, we:

  • Transform stress
  • Create healthy and sustainable flow
  • Optimize the mind-body-brain connection
  • Heal chronic conditions and build resilience


More Background & Education

I’m a long-time business owner and entrepreneur. I owned my first business at 25, which was a high-end retail shop. I’ve also owned and partnered in business-based service companies in industries including real estate, management and marketing. In addition, I’ve held leadership positions as VP, Senior Director, General Manager, Development Director and Director of Account Management.

Business & Leadership Certifications: Professional Transformation Coach, Advanced Leadership, Advanced Facilitation, Performance-based Hiring, Personal Strengths & Motivational Assessments, Strategic Planning & Organizational Assessment; Education – Colorado State University, BA of Marketing & Communications

Health & Wellness Certifications: National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, (NBC-HWC); Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCA); Food & Spirit Practitioner (Deanna Minich, PhD, FACN, CNS); Plant-based Nutrition (eCornell, Cornell U); Pranic Healing (Pranic Healing Institute, USA); Soul Motion; Conscious Movement (Vinn Marti)

Health & Wellness Courses: A Systems Approach to Reversing the Epidemic of Chronic Disease (Institute for Functional Medicine); HeartMath; Memory Energy Therapy; Egoscue: Structural Alignment & Anatomy; Yoga & Pilate; Former competitive athlete and dance training

Jennifer Allen Newton - IYH Coach

Jennifer Allen Newton, NBC-HWC and FMCHC

Seasoned Professional with a Blended Background

As a Strategic Communication Consultant and a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), I have blended experience in both business and science-based health coaching.

I’ve been a consultant and business coach for more than 25 years and involved with the Institute for Functional Medicine since 2007. Over the past 15 years my family and I have experienced profound health and healing experiences as patients of functional medicine doctors. On this path, I’ve become a passionate advocate for taking a holistic, systems-based approach to solving problems, achieving health and optimizing function and effectiveness in every facet of life.

Coming from the high-stress, high-tech business world, I understand how driving toward success in one area of life can throw other areas out of balance. As a health coach, I enjoy helping people build sustainable flow and transform home and workplace stress while creating the life of their dreams. This kind of blended expertise in business, communication and health is uncommon and is shared by my fellow colleagues at Imagine Your Health.


Business Expertise

As a strategic communication consultant and writer, I work with clients in a variety of industries, non-profit organizations and companies of all sizes. I advise on strategies for more effective communication – from interpersonal communication in the workplace to corporate communications and external public relations.

Business consulting, writing and coaching/training work includes:

  • Executive performance and stress management
  • Effective communication and team dynamics
  • Message development and strategy
  • Writing/editing web content, social media, blogs, articles and executive ghostwriting
  • PR, Media and analyst relations
  • Presentation preparation and media coaching


Transformative Health Coaching

I use the unique IYH coaching approach to support clients in becoming their most preferred (best) selves. Working together, I help people find sustainable flow, gain clarity around purpose and goals and have the health and vibrant energy to reach them.

Specific areas of coaching include:

  • Stress transformation
  • Food and healthy eating
  • Exercise and movement
  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Relationships and communication
  • Menopause and midlife support
  • Enhancing strengths and joy

I also specialize in women’s health, particularly working with women in their mid-30s and older to help them cope and thrive as they experience the mind/body changes of perimenopause (the years leading up to) through menopause.


More Background & Education

I’m a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA), where I received my training in health coaching, functional medicine and positive psychology. I’ve also completed the HeartMath Interventions Program and FMCA’s Reversing Cognitive Decline (ReCODE) program based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Dale Bredesen.

I received my BS in communication from Northwestern University, with graduate work in adult learning and development.

In 2008 I was invited to join the Institute for Functional Medicine Board of Directors, on which I served for 8.5 years with some of the top names in functional medicine, including founder Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. David Jones. After my tenure with IFM, I joined the Board of Advisors for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, on which I currently (and enthusiastically) serve.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the team at Imagine Your Health because I’ve experienced firsthand the value of MJ’s approach. I feel deeply aligned with IYH’s wonderful blend of practical experience with the science and art of coaching to support successful and effective life transformation.