Master Program

Emerge A Stronger You

Master Coaching Program and Exclusive Playbook

“It’s a whole person approach. It’s impacted my business success, life balance, health and wellness, and personal growth... every area of my life. I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t realize I needed. My business and life have transformed.” – Nina

Emerge A Stronger You is a progressive adventure for creating health, expansion and growth – personally and professionally. Even more importantly, it’s easily tailored to your needs.

Strength-based Assessments

Master Flow by Playing with ALL Your Strengths.

A Better Coaching Approach

Attain Your Highest Vision - Life, Leadership, Business and Health.

Personalized Playbook

The 4 Revolutionary Skills to Excel at Leading and  Loving Your Life

Exclusive Resources

Access to More Coaches, Experts, Brain-Trust and Special Bonuses

Optimize Your Mind-Body-Brain

Achieve Balance, Master Flow, and Radiate Well-being & Health

Emerge A Stronger You  - Master Coaching Program & Exclusive Playbook  - is a highly personalized and integrative program for mastering flow and making better decisions. If you want to multiply your income by 5 to 10Xs and access deeper clarity and creativity, this may be for you. If you desire something more meaningful or distinctive, while experiencing profound well-being and substantially greater health this may be for you. If you have a big goal or dream, and you want to achieve balance, this may be for you.



Lifetime access to this exclusive, and step-by-step, in-depth self-guided playbook and all updates. Enjoy this quick summary.

Discover Your Super Strengths

Experience your most natural gifts in new and powerful ways that ignite personal strength, balance and confidence. Generate positive and inspired outcomes for your health, well-being and business by learning new ways to apply personal strengths you both know and those you haven’t yet discovered.

Beyond Resilience: Your Dreams in Action

This part of the playbook identifies your personal path for harmonizing who you are, how you're motivated and inspired, and what you do with your talents and capabilities. This play shares how to align yourself and your world to manifest with clarity and ease.

Evoke an Unstoppable You

Address head-on times of overwhelm, feeling blocked and low motivation. This play gives you the principles and techniques to cultivate awareness and space in-the-moment to reconnect with your center-of-power. Develop a personalized practice for gaining balance and access your inner power at will. Discover 8 Principles with strategies and techniques to center yourself and create the inner space to evoke an unstoppable you.

[BONUS] Optimize Your Mind-Body-Brain

Gain a powerful understanding of the gut-brain connection for yourself and your family. Learn how to create healthy mind-body-brain function. Get practical and optimize your energy flow to experience greater access to your inner resourcefulness.

This is an irreplaceable expedition of discovery and metamorphosis.

Your passage is supported by Miki Jo Resto (Coach MJ) and IYH Coaches that use a new and better coaching approach, called Genspire™. Coach MJ created this program from 20+ years of helping others through the science and art of change, transformation and effective integration. Now, the knowledge, strategies and techniques that are needed to achieve balance and master flow, plus excel as a leader and love your life is all in one master level program!

Miki Jo Resto