Master Program


“It’s a whole person approach...My life, health and business have transformed.” – Nina

Our system is individually applied to your personal journey.


Master flow by engaging all 3 types of strengths.


Create new neuropathways. Shift your paradigm.

Exclusive Tool Chest

Applied to your special and specific journey.

Expert Resources

Accelerate your next level. And claim your highest vision.

Optimize Your Mind-Body-Brain

Champion your strong mind, health and vitality.


This is an exclusive tool chest curated for supporting your paradigm shift. Your GenspireCoach knows what tools to leverage for each step of your distinct journey. Yet it is also designed as a type of self-guided atlas, so you can travel through your quest at the pace of your choosing and emerge a stronger you.

Discover Your 3 Types of Strengths

You possess strengths that you are not even aware of. Experience your most natural gifts in new and profound ways that catalyze all you need to reach your next level - with much more ease, in less time.

Activate Your Vision

Move beyond resilience. Proven highly effective tools and techniques to support alignment of yourself, your vision and the world around you to manifest with clarity and ease.

Master Sustainable Flow

Optimize the health of your mind-body-brain connection. And harness your ability to master energy flow, experiencing greater access to your creativity and inner resourcefulness. 

Evoke the Invincible You

Address head-on times of overwhelm, feeling blocked and low motivation. Learn and absorb science-based techniques and ancient wisdom for cultivating awareness and expansiveness, reconnecting with your center-of-power as needed. 

Proven pathfinding for your next level.

Your passage is supported by Miki Jo Resto (MJ),  Genspire Coaches and experts that guide you with our unique and holistic approach. We help you find your own path for achieving your next level and highest vision. MJ has helped thousands of  leaders and entrepreneurs for 20+ years in the art and science of change and transformation.

Miki Jo Resto