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Emerge a Stronger You

Proven highly effective for health-minded, high impact Leaders and Entrepreneurs
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A new definition of Health and Well-being - Health is not a destination. It’s an ongoing journey increasing consciousness awareness with the alignment of Self, internal resources and the external environment. Said another way, it’s the level of function and wellness of the mind-body-brain connection, in any given circumstance, harmonizing the internal and external.

 If you want to reach an exciting new place in your life, the mind-body-brain connection is the portal. Emerge a Stronger You is a progressive adventure for creating health, expansion and growth – personally and professionally. It starts with Discovering Your Super Strengths. Then, you choose the path according to your needs with a ton of coaching support and step-by-step playbook.

Best-in-Class Assessments

Strengths: Inner Values, Motivation & Inspiration, Capabilities

1-to-1 Coaching (Online)

3 Sessions @ 1 hr. each

Exclusive Playbook

Step-by-Step Videos

Extra Premium Resources

Open Office Hours

2xs p/month
8 Group Rounds - over 12 months
FREE Bonus Events

Introducing the 7 Systems of Health

Well-being Assessment and Life Stress Questionnaire


Emerge a Stronger You blends strength-based learning and mind-body-brain health, especially for leaders and entrepreneurs. This program teaches how to apply your strengths in an integrative way that increases health, prevents disease AND effectively guides you through personal and professional transformation.

This is personal! Upon completion of registration, members receive:

  • A mix of strength-based assessments to explore who you are, how you're motivated and inspired, and what to do to create healthy sustainable flow.
  • 7 Systems of Health & Wellness assessments
  • 1-to-1 personal coaching.
  • Step-by-step playbook for using your strengths in new ways to achieve more meaning, develop sustainable flow and prevent disease. Lifetime access!
  • Enriching self-discovery in small groups with focused topics and exercises.
  • Rich content for creating mind-body-brain health.
  • Strategies for increasing your center-of-power and emerging a stronger you.
  • Extra Premium Resources.
  • Free Bonuses: Group activities and community connection.

This is an irreplaceable expedition of learning and metamorphosis.

Your passage is supported by Miki Jo Resto (Coach MJ). She created this program from 20+ years of stydying the science and art of change, transformation and effective integration. Now, the knowledge, strategies and techniques that are needed to build your health, grow the business, and master life is in one program! The best part, you don't have to figure out how to put all the different pieces together anymore. It's done for you!

Miki Jo Resto (Coach MJ)


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Lifetime access to this exclusive online and self-guided playbook and all updates.

Experience your most natural gifts in new and powerful ways that ignite personal strength, balance and confidence. Generate positive and inspired outcomes for your health, well-being and business by learning new ways to apply personal strengths you both know and those you haven’t yet discovered.

Part 1
Voyage Through Your Inner Strengths
Realize the impact of your Super Strengths and learn to use them like a tool.

Part 2
Journey to Inspiration
Elevate your state-of-being, heighten effectiveness and develop more flow as you manifest your vision.
Gain a powerful understanding of the gut-brain connection for yourself and your family. Learn how to create healthy mind-body-brain function. Get practical and optimize your energy flow to experience greater access to your inner resourcefulness.

Part 1
The Power of the Mind-Body-Brain Connection
The science of epigenetics and how you can strengthen the functional health of your body-mind-brain connection.

Part 2
Health is a Resource: Optimize Your Energy Flow
Optimize your energy flow to experience greater access to your inner resourcefulness.
This part of the playbook identifies your personal path for harmonizing who you are, how your motivated and inspired, and what you do with your talents and capabilities. This play shares how to align yourself and your world to manifest with clarity and ease.

Part 1
Adventure Past Resilience to Zen
How to operate and manifest in a higher state of flow with your external world.

Part 2
Breakthrough Flow
Bridge and integrate who you are, how you’re motivated and inspired and what you do to accomplish your vision and goals.
Address head-on times of overwhelm, feeling blocked and low motivation. This play gives you the principles and techniques to cultivate awareness and space in-the-moment to reconnect with your center-of-power. Develop a personalized practice for gaining balance and access your inner power at will.

Cultivate the Magic of Flow
Learn 8 Principles with strategies and techniques to center yourself and create the inner space to evoke an unstoppable you.

For information regarding time commitments and other common questions, download the complete program description and Program Map.

Coaching Program

With your membership: 1-year access to your personal 1-to-1, group coaching experience and ongoing open office hours.

 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions – Total 3 @ 1 hour each

  • All 3 Recommended
  • Integrative - Focus on opportunities/challenge Health, Business, Life
  • All Coaches are Certified Functional Medicine Coach with rich business backgrounds.

Open Office Hours + Newbie Kick-Start – Ongoing @ 2xs per month

  • Unlimited access
  • Q&A for community members

Small Group Experience – 8 @ 60 to 90 minutes each

  • Join all 8 or just the those that appeal to you!
  • Advanced group learning with exercises and breakout sessions
  • Different principle or topic each session
  • Focus on the principles for emerging a stronger you

For information regarding time commitments and other common questions, download the complete program description and Program Map.


With your membership: 1-year access to online member community events.

 Online Community Activity & Options:

  • Additional access to Functional Medicine experts and “lifestyle medicine” professionals.
  • Live activities will begin as our community grows (i.e., Book Hack Club, Health & Motivation Hacks, Intention Circle, other community connection events)

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