What Clients Say


Our clients report remarkable well-being.

After working with Imagine Your HealthTM, they experience major increases in health, personal strength, balance and unanticipated confidence.

Our clients report deep transformation.

They describe feeling centered and connected, conscious and present, resilient and inspired.

Their growth has enabled them to create measurable success for goals they once thought of as “aspirational.”

I’ve just taken back my power in a thousand ways with this guidance.


Sharing about Results

The top three areas that I’ve benefited the most are my health, my career, and mission. All equally.” – Denise

“I had a business coach. The program was focused on selling skills.  After a while I found myself stuck. My results had plateaued. A friend recommend  Imagine Your Health. It’s a whole person approach. It’s impacted my business success, life balance, health and wellness, and personal growth... every area of my life. I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t realize I needed. My business and life have transformed.” – Nina

“Working with Imagine Your Health, I’ve nearly tripled my income and am now closing on my own dream house. That's a big deal in the expensive LA real estate market. These are the material things that are easy to measure.” – Brian

“The first breakthrough for me was learning to work on my natural strengths and then off-load everything else. There are things that you know intuitively about yourself but you don't organize them in a productive way. With Imagine Your Health, you get a spotlight on those skills so that you can work inside them in an organized manner. Now you are focused on what you should be doing instead of operating in a vacuum. You really get working inside that quadrant of productivity for yourself. This was a huge reason why my business changed. I became so much more effective.” – MaryAnn

I have a new level of self-confidence now. People are looking at me as an industry leader and coming to me for advice. They want to know what my secret is.” – Carl

I’m more present now than I have ever been.

– Amber

Sharing about Personal Change

“I am able to look at something, in the middle of a situation, and employ very practical tools to work through it quickly and productively. I’m able to say, ‘I feel...fill in the blank. Is this a conflict of my values right now? My highest value is...fill in the blank… I can see why this has such a major impact and feels so big.It’s like someone finally gave me my own owner’s manual to ME! Allan

“Imagine Your Health has helped me learn different processes to allow myself to increase my awareness and get a much deeper understanding about how I’m motivated, what my talents and strengths are and how I function best in the world. My relationships are much better and I get better results because of it, personally and professionally. Sharon

“It’s time to sit and think ‘What’s next for me? Am I wanting something new? What’s that going to be?’ … Many things have lead me to question everything which is a great place to be. I’m working with Imagine Your Health on how to allow great things to happen, instead of feeling stuck and confused. Richard

“My girlfriend and I weren’t connecting well together, which led me to seek coaching. I wanted to learn more about myself so I could create that connection. I knew there was ‘another way’ or something else out there. I needed to understand my feelings and beliefs and how that effects my relationships and life. I could go on and on about what I’ve learned through the coaching process with Imagine Your Health.” – Julio

“Even though I consider myself an aware person because I’ve done a lot of work on my spirituality, I’ve learned that I don’t give myself enough credit for who I am by nature. Because I have a family, work and am very busy, there’s a lot of stress. It’s all great, but there’s still stress.  I needed to spend some time thinking about me. At Imagine Your Health, I’ve learned a lot about myself and that helps me in my own self-direction and just how to feel happier.” – Lisa

“After my friend died I thought ‘What am I doing?  Why haven’t I just jumped out and done the things I’ve wanted to do.’ So, I had those deep daring questions… I needed a place to explore those questions at a very deep level. That’s why I’m working with Imagine Your Health.” Su

I wanted to understand myself better because I figured I was not working well with who I am. I needed some more education and grace within a safe and respectful space.

– Brenda

Sharing about Health

“I was finally willing to take sugar out (of my every day diet) because of the conclusion I arrived at. I could see how it was holding me back – my emotional states, how it affected my work and my life. It was huge, like getting off of a drug. When I stopped eating sugar, I realized I had changed my core belief. I could change my behavior and feel really good about it. In a big way, this has changed my performance in business and what I think I can do.”  Randi

“Imagine Your Health look at the whole person, and I really like that. I went to an integrated nutrition course myself and we work on that too. It’s a major part of Imagine Your Health. Coaches here have really studied that. We’re working on full integration of my whole body and my whole self.” – Christina

“Just in the few weeks we’ve worked together, my cholesterol has dropped 25 points…and my triglycerides were 13 points over the maximum range but now is 20 points below the range and a total of 33 points over all.  I am so excited!!! This created such a huge burst of momentum for me!!!  The only thing I did was change what I eat.” – Wendi

“My coach slowly introduced me to meditation. I wasn't that open in the beginning but we starting working on being present and then being in a meditative state…It's funny how things manifest now. Being present is one of the most impactful tools for transformation.” – Jeff

"I just got some blood work back -- My glucose at one point was 120.  As of last week, it is now down to 75! Huge drop.  My Alkaline Phosphatase was in the 170-190 range consistently, and has never been in a normal range for the last 5 or so years. As of last week, it was 129 (which puts it in normal range, barely, but still going in the right direction) and my cholesterol went from 228 to 153!……It is all working together." - Karen

“I’ve had past coaches and therapist and different things like that, and I’ve felt that ‘Ah, if you could only see this, then you would get it.’ I don’t feel any of that judgement or advice giving, or any of that at Imagine Your Health.” – Laurie

“I had a Diet Coke addiction.  I would buy a double gulp first thing in the morning. Finish it by noon and get a second. At dinner, I would order three or four refills. Loved the caffeine boost, loved it. Became my comfort food. I knew it was bad for me. I eat healthily and work out at the gym every day but I couldn't stop the addiction to soda. With my coach's help, I gave it up and haven't had a Diet Coke for months.” – Dean

“I have the power to change and that gave me the motivation to stop my addiction to sugar.  Imagine Your Health helped me to understand the health components. They know a lot about nutrition. It's so empowering to know that you can stop and create new habits.” – Vera

"I love my doctor, but he is sometimes too rooted in pharmaceuticals for my taste and he has been trying to speak this ‘D’ [Diabetes] word into my life. The work I did with Imagine Your Health taught me how to change what I eat…Today we got the test results back!!!  Every single glucose number is normal!  Every one of them.” – Sean

I was thinking of coaching just from a business perspective. I didn't feel like I had any personal or health issues holding me back... and then we got to work.

– Sandeep

*These are quotes from real clients. However, all names have been changed to protect anonymity.

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